Effo provides energy and this is something we have done for the past 100 years and will continue to do because we want to have a lasting future.


In Operation
Close of the year 2026

Overall Energy
350 GWT

Vestas V117

Vestas V117 4.2 MW

Vestas is the name of our windmills. These are the same ones as the six that are performing successfully in Gellingarklett. With a wingspan of up to 117 meters and a height of 91.5 meters, they are the largest in the Faroe Islands and they are solid— even when the southwestern wind is prominent.

Why do we need an energy farm?

By producing more green energy we are becoming more independent, and less dependent on imported oil, decreasing our carbon emissions. The windmill farm can produce the equivalent of 10% of the collective oil use in the Faroe Islands - on land and sea. At Effo we want to achieve this and so do several of our customers. The demand for sustainable energy sources is growing and it is important that we meet and satisfy this demand. Both the public and the industry are setting ambitious goals regarding sustainability, and we wish to do the same.